Our Menu


“Pata Negra” Ham Sánchez Romero Carvajal 5 J

This 5J ham comes direct from the pastures of Huelva to your table on the Port

Flanigan’s Garden Salad with Tuna

Garden produce and the best of the tuna make a perfect combination.

Mallorcan “Tumbet” served with or without an egg

The soul of the Mallorcan garden on your plate.

“Sea” Salad with Lobster

The perfect combination of the sea and the garden. The tang of the ocean on your palate.

“Our Own” Paella, a real classic

Our secret paella recipe whose flavours are part of the Flanigan tradition

Potatoes, Eggs and Carpaccio of Truffle

A delicious combination of eggs, potatoes and truffles.

Tagliatelle with King Prawns

The freshest prawns with fresh salad.  What more could you want?

Broad Beans with the cheeks of cod and King Prawns

A delicious combination of a light soup and seafood.  A rounded and intense experience.

Finest Fillet of Galician Beef

270 gr. of the best red meat of Northern Spain.  Delicious simplicity

Colunad – Little Tower of Chocolate, cream and caramel

For the real gourmands—chocolate in its purest form

Delicate Apple Tart with Vanilla Ice Cream

Crisp filo pastry, caramelised apple and ice cream.  The perfect conclusion to your meal.

Dessert of rice and milk with nutmeg

Delicious traditional dessert.  An exquisite combination.

Our Wine Cellar

We are proud of our wines

A varied selection which comes from the best vineyards.  The Flanigan Cellar offers a wide range of wines for all purses which will please the most discriminating palates as much as those who just want to enjoy an occasional glass of wine in the idyllic atmosphere of Puerto Portals.  Enjoy our heterogeneous list menu of all types of wines from Mallorca, other parts of Spain, France, Italy etc.alianos…

About Us


Our History

Thirty years ago, Miguel Arias was invited to re-model the Bar of the Port, converting it into a top-class restaurant.

The Flanigan Philosophy

Courtesy, dignity, integrity, innovation, attention to detail and the careful selection of local ingredients.  Flanigan is uniquely on a continuous quest for excellence.

Our Team

A professional and highly trained team offering the most attentive service.  We are focused and perfectionist—always seeking no only to serve unique dishes but also to bestow once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


Flanigan and Puerto Portals are incessantly active. The restaurant and its location have many unique characteristics so you can discover information of all types of interest to you, for example how the dishes are prepared, what’s happening now in Puerto Portals, inside information on the world of hospitality, and what is special about Flanigan compared with other restaurants.


Farmers’ Market in Puerto Portals

In Puerto Portals we are starting a new event: Puerto Portals FARMERS’ MARKET, every Sunday in May from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Fill your basket in our Farmers’ Market with fresh products, artisanal crafts and other things carefully made and promoted in the local forum.

Enjoy the most natural brunch to the sound of good music while the little ones are both entertained and taught in the thematic workshops which we have organised.  We are also encouraging ‘solidarity shopping’ on the basis of ‘One for One’.  For every purchase you make of things marked ‘One for One’. Puerto Portals will put the same article in the big solidarity basket which we will deliver every week to a local NGO.


What the Chef tells us

The bogavante (Homarus gammarus), or lubrigante, is a marine decapod crustacean, very similar to the lobster, which can attain 60 centimetres in length.  It is a close relative of the American lobster and the Dublin Bay prawn and less closely related to the ordinary lobster.  The bogavante lives in rocky clefts and is rarely founds at depths greater than 50 metres but can live at up to 150 metres below the low-water mark; it prefers sand and gravel on the seabed.

Typically nocturnal, it comes out at night to look for food.  It lives in the eastern Atlantic from the Lofoten Islands North-East of Norway as far south as the Azores and Morocco.  It can also be found in parts of the Mediterranean and in the North-East of the Black Sea.