We put all our Passion into your projects

Flanigan makes sure that every business event will be special.  Whether it’s a meeting, a convention, a conference or an incentive trip, we plan it wholly with the objective of making it a success.  We work at your side and advise you at every stage.

In addition we put at your disposal the magnificent terrace with views of the port, the ideal backdrop for coffee breaks.

Flanigan has a thick portfolio of clients who have enjoyed our services.  Let us pick out global brands such as Porsche, Maserati, Audi, Mazda, BMW and Tommy Hilfiger, not to mention prominent football clubs and national teams among others.

What does Flanigan do which is so special? The charm of Mallorca itself and on the enclave where it is situated, the warm colours of the Mediterranean, the exclusive style of the restaurant and its closeness to Palma.

— La carpa —

La Carpa (“The Tent”) is a wholly exterior space which consists in two contiguous terraces directly overlooking the sea and the middle garden.  These two terraces can be used together to make a single large room with a capacity of 100 people.

— El Rincón —

Specially equipped for group events, El Rincón (“The Nook”) comprises a private terrace with a capacity of 150 persons. In the winter this space can be shielded from the weather and heated to ensure greater comfort.

— Emcima —

An exclusive and private facility, perfect for any type of event or banquet.  Emcima is on the upper floor of the Flanigan restaurant.  It comprises an interior space with spectacular sea views, with windows all round and exceptional daylight, it can take 60 seated diners (as a presentation room, it can seat 70).  It also has a private terrace which can seat 40—ideal for aperitifs and events using our “flying buffet”.

If you wish to hold an event for 100 guests, it is possible to combine the large interior room with direct access to the terrace.  In winter we can install heaters and canvas overhead: then everyone can enjoy the views in a cosy atmosphere.

Emcima has a high-speed Wi-Fi connection provided free of charge, a catering service and a coffee break service.  In addition, we have available all types of audio-visual services which can be hired.  The price for renting Emcima is 350€, VAT included (renting is just for coffee break).

— Capricho Bar —

Glamour, elegance, sophistication are the attributes of this bar which has become an essential part of Mallorcan nights.  The former café Capricho was the Bar de Baleares y de Mallorca, the bar for the sailors and for Prince Felipe, one of the best bar atmospheres on summer nights, where the “crème de la crème” of half of Europe got together.  At that time, the entire port was the terrace of the Café Capricho, in exceptional surroundings: the sea, the best boats of the Mediterranean, open skies, glasses of wine, friendship, a lively scene … great parties.  Capricho is perfect for holding small events, parties, get-togethers, welcome drinks on the terrace.  This is the bar where formality is not important and enjoyment of the good times really is.

To get all the information you need about this service, don’t hesitate to contact our Events and Catering Flanigan Manager, Alina Cannella.

Tel.: 971 67 91 91 or by email: comercial@flanigan.es

Para poder darte toda la información necesaria sobre este servicio, no dudes en ponerte en contacto  con nuestra responsable de Eventos y  Catering Flanigan, Alina Cannella.

Telf.: 971 67 91 91 o a través del email: comercial@flanigan.es