The Flanigan Group

This year and more than ever we can say that we have 30 years’ experience—excellent experiences—in the restaurant business.  We have managed to create, with a lot of effort and perseverance, the venues which truly represent us and to which we have applied certain values which, during this long journey, say much about this solid entrepreneurial venture.

We have known from the beginning the How and the Why.  Doing everything as well as we could, putting the customer at the centre of the business, hoping ultimately to make him or her a friend of the house.

During our history, we have developed a strategic and concrete programme of expansion, without grand pretensions, introducing new brands, developing and applying standard criteria of quality, like an indispensable garnish in the sector of the good table.

Our Group has its iconic boat, the “Flanigan”, its representative establishment in Puerto Portals, a meeting place for 30 years for an incredible number of very different people who for a moment entrusted their palates and their stomachs to our know-how.  We also have the terraces of the Café Capricho, also in the same area, perfect for all lovers of the perfect cocktail, –the atmosphere serene yet as roguish as the port—and of course well-served glasses of wine.  Finally we have entered the world of “tapas”, in the centre of Palma de Mallorca where it had to be, with “El Tapas de Flanigan”, betting on Mediterranean cuisine in the form of “tapas” or “ración”.

We have set our course and we go forward to another 30 years of service, product and quality.

Tenemos el rumbo marcado y vamos a por otros treinta años de servicio, producto y calidad.