Product, experience and detail

Courtesy, dignity, integrity, innovation and inspired ideas are the principles which, over 30 years, have motivated us to attain excellence in customer service.  Attention to detail, continual research in the devising of menus, conscientious selection of ingredients and the ability to meet different needs are, in our view, the essential elements of our work.

A key principle for us is invariably that our shopping basket—the products we shall use—are meticulously chosen when they are at their best.  Our aim is to ensure that all ingredients bring to the dish their main effects and original essence: this is what will count when you come to taste one of our dishes.

We want, and we make a huge effort to ensure that the concept of our business shall be synonymous with a guarantee of quality and professional service.  We aim thereby to bestow experiences—not only in the restaurant in Puerto Portals but also wherever the event takes place—for those who dream of the perfect wedding, an inspiring business event or an exclusive celebration.

The key principles of the restaurant itself are applied to the event wherever it takes place: Flanigan cooks all the dishes just before they are served, as should always be the case.  For this reason, Catering Flanigan continues to make a difference wherever the event takes place.

We take this opportunity to thank the whole team working in the business for it is the team whose efforts, perseverance and dedication has made it possible for this philosophy to be put into practice for the last 30 years…to perfection.

We will continue to work to offer you another 30 years of Flanigan.