Flanigan revives old traditions

These days we’re all obsessed with the passage of time.  The memory of a family seated, eating and in conversation at a well-appointed table seems to come from another era. The hurried lives we lead don’t allow us to enjoy such moments.

At Flanigan we are conscious of this which is why we want to bring the old traditions back, to simple dishes with classic flavours whose scents we remember wafting from our grandparents’ kitchen.

This very special touch is what Flanigan offers in its private events, as if you were in the intimate surroundings of your own home where family and friends meet to share their time together.

We prepare our dishes with passion and we serve them with great delicacy so that you’ll feel cared for and pampered.  Such is Flanigan.  An attentive and unique style of service.

Our dishes

To get all the information you need about this service, don’t hesitate to contact our Events and Catering Flanigan Manager, Alina Cannella.

Tel.: 971 67 91 91 or by email comercial@flanigan.es