We help you to plan your Wedding

Organising a wedding is itself a special event but it can at the same time be exhausting, stressful in some cases.  The choice of the place, theme of the banquet, the style of decoration, the seating of the guests, the suppliers, the dress and an infinity of big and small details—all this can overwhelm the couple’s to-do list.  If this is to be one of the most important moments of the couple’s life together, why don’t we try to enjoy it from the outset?

At Flanigan we focus on and plan every wedding as a unique project.  We make available to couples and their families a specialised service aiming to fulfil your most demanding expectations.  We are a group of serious perfectionists who always seek to offer a range of exquisite menus, exclusive decoration and appropriate live music, in short: unique and unrepeatable experiences.

Our organiser of weddings and events, Alina Cannella (who is Italian and has wide experience as a banqueting manager), personally supervises the creation of events, their unfolding and the conclusion of every banquet.  “My passion is to help couples to plan extraordinary events on the romantic and picturesque island of Mallorca, to express their personality and style by listening to their dreams and making them come true.  The wedding planner’s job is not at all easy: you have to be flexible, patient, give attention to detail and creative.  The main challenges are to be able to find solutions to all kinds of problems or emergency, especially if the weather suddenly changes in the middle of an event, discreetly to build relationships with the families of the couple-to-be and also to be a bit of a psychologist to support the couple in moments of crisis and anxiety.”

“The job’s major satisfaction is the happiness of the bride and groom, seeing the emotion in their faces and the pleasure had by the guests.  This compensates for the hard work you’ve done: to see the eyes of the bride and groom shining is an emotion which warms my heart.  Personally, my favourite moment is when the groom sees the bride arrive at the altar … Well, at that moment you see and feel this tingling of the spine, you sense the love that is there.  Doing this work means loving and making the couple’s dreams a reality.  It’s exhausting work but beautiful in its way.”

Alina insists on the importance of choosing the right location: “We work closely with the client: we investigate and then recommend a selection of wedding venues so that the couple themselves can choose the one which meets their needs.  I assess the venues myself for their reliability.”