Our Service—the best for that very special day

On the most important day of your life, nothing must go wrong.  The food will be remembered forever by you as much as by your guests.  Flanigan’s catering service will give the crowning touch to an unforgettable ceremony.

Courtesy, experience, integrity, innovation and creativity are the ingredients which have enabled Flanigan to attain excellence in the art of hospitality.  Attention to detail, continual research in the preparation of menus, meticulous selection of ingredients, devising floral decoration and availability to deal with various needs.

We leave to you the dream of your life, for us is the task of making it reality.

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To get all the information you need about this service, don’t hesitate to contact our Events and Catering Flanigan Manager, Alina Cannella.

Telf. 971 67 91 91  or by email comercial@flanigan.es