About Us


Who are we, the members of the Flanigan Group?

Flanigan has the good fortune to be able to count on a group of experts in gastronomy and hospitality committed to the most essential culinary ideals and to the service of the public. Putting the customer first is the key ideal for our team.

We demand a lot of ourselves, with enthusiasm to do better every day and with a vocation to serve. The house philosophy - the commitment to quality - is present in all our projects and their implementation.

In a sector as demanding as the organisation and management of weddings, our team of creative cooks proposes a perfect menu of the highest quality for each occasion, distinctive and personalised for each banquet. We can count on a team of highly skilled waiting staff under senior managers with the necessary qualifications and great experience - so they are never distant and will always look after you with friendly and amenable attentiveness.


Our History

Thirty years ago, we are going back to the already distant 1987, Miguel Arias was invited to transform the Bar of the Port, situated in what was then the recently-inaugurated Puerto Portals.

There was a wide gap to be filled in the commercial life of the port for those who came to visit the port on their boats, and he could spot that gap. When they arrive in Portals, people want to have breakfast, have a good coffee and read the newspaper in peace on terra firma. So naturally Flanigan began offering breakfast, a tradition which continues - it means that we have to be open every day and at all hours, so that our customers get the service they require at any moment.

It is a key objective for us to ensure that our customers have both a very enjoyable time and taste the most select fare. Inspired ideas, respect for the dishes and their ingredients, courtesy and a careful balance between tradition and the avant-garde in catering. Thanks to this philosophy, Flanigan continues to be what was distinctive about it thirty years ago: a restaurant close to its patrons, determined to achieve excellence in all aspects: an ideal place to enjoy the idyllic atmosphere of Puerto Portals.

We await your visit with keen anticipation.


Our Philosophy

Local ingredients carefully selected to produce unique dishes. Courtesy, dignity, integrity, attention to detail and a thirst for continual innovation in our menus. For Flanigan it is imperative that all raw ingredients are selected with minute precision in their moment of maximum splendour so that the resulting dish will be the best possible.

Flanigan’s philosophy is grounded in the concept of our restaurant as synonymous with the guarantee of quality and professional and attentive service. Our customers must get what they are seeking: efficient and quick service, staff focused on providing the best possible service, and also something different, for we aim to be distinctive. We also want our customers both to enjoy a delicious meal and have a happy time.

The brand Flanigan is and must always be synonymous with excellence, dedication and commitment: our philosophy centres on this.


Our Team

A professional and highly trained team offering the most attentive service. We are focused and perfectionist - always seeking no only to serve unique dishes but also to bestow once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Flanigan always has a group of experts in the kitchen, wholly at the disposal of our visitors - for after all our focus on the customer is the key objective of our team.

Those who work at Flanigan pride themselves on the indispensable value of self-discipline and on their enthusiasm to do better every day. The philosophy of our brand and of the restaurant itself is present in the whole team which makes it a reality. The constant pursuit of excellence entails that Flanigan is composed of a group of professionals committed to gastronomic ideals and to public service.

Flanigan means specialised services offering not only careful attention to the best dishes but also the fulfilment of the most demanding expectations.


The Flanigan Group

This year and more than ever we can say that we have 30 years’ experience - excellent experiences - in the restaurant business. We have managed to create, with a lot of effort and perseverance, the venues which truly represent us and to which we have applied certain values which, during this long journey, say much about this solid entrepreneurial venture.

We have known from the beginning the How and the Why. Doing everything as well as we could, putting the customer at the centre of the business, hoping ultimately to make him or her a friend of the house.

During our history, we have developed a strategic and concrete programme of expansion, without grand pretensions, introducing new brands, developing and applying standard criteria of quality, like an indispensable garnish in the sector of the good table.

Our Group has its iconic boat, the “Flanigan”, its representative establishment in Puerto Portals, a meeting place for 30 years for an incredible number of very different people who for a moment entrusted their palates and their stomachs to our know-how. We also have the terraces of the Café Capricho, also in the same area, perfect for all lovers of the perfect cocktail, - the atmosphere serene yet as roguish as the port - and of course well-served glasses of wine. Finally we have entered the world of “tapas”, in the centre of Palma de Mallorca where it had to be, with “El Tapas de Flanigan”, betting on Mediterranean cuisine in the form of “tapas” or “ración”.

We have set our course and we go forward to another 30 years of service, product and quality.