El Tapas de Flanigan


Taverna El Tapas de Flanigan

The “El Tapas de Flanigan” tavern offers our customers a varied selection of tapas from every region of Spain, ranging from the fried titbits from the South, the “pinchos” (snacks on bread) or the traditional tripe of Madrid to a wide variety of croquettes, all types of charcuterie and cheeses, Spanish omelettes of all kinds and of course Majorcan specialities like “tumbet” (fried vegetables) or “pamboli” (rustic bread with tomato and garlic) … and all this in a agreeable setting.

Offering “tapas” and “raciones” on the principle of sharing and nibbling, “El Tapas de Flanigan” introduces eating casual style. “Tapas” are usually based on a combination of creativity and the use of raw materials of high quality. It has to be said that this a 21st Century bar, committed to a modern approach but aspiring to rely on traditional recipes and limiting today’s contribution to the up-dating of the presentation of the “tapas”, to their preparation making use of the latest techniques.

The tavern has two storeys and a fabulous outside terrace. It is open every day from 1 p.m. to midnight, keeping its kitchen open without interruption. It’s a great place to organise any type of social event.

The first floor is perfectly suited to informal events: it benefits from a beautiful bar with stools, high tables and a very special décor. It can accommodate up to 80 guests. The lower storey has two contiguous spaces, one is a room able to accommodate 40 to 45 persons and the other can take 30 to 35 persons.

We of course offer a “dish of the day” as part of our gastronomic profile so that our customers can each day sample different dishes such as “Fabes verdinas” (green broad beans Asturian style), “Marmitako” (a dish combining sweet potatoes, potatoes, tomatoes, green pepper, onion, garlic cooked in fish stock), chickpea stew, “Fabada” (Asturian bean stew), “Papas con choco” (potatoes with cuttlefish) or the delicious rice dishes at the weekends. This year comes full of surprises and culinary innovations which will result in unique sensations to astonish your palate. Once a month we present the wines of prestigious bodegas whose wines combine perfectly with—and enhance—dishes on a menu especially prepared for the occasion.

The “El Tapas de Flanigan” tavern offers to all those who want to enjoy authentic products from our country, an informal ambiance in a perfect location and the guarantee that you will have a very different gastronomic experience.

El Tapas de Flanigan
Passeig Mallorca 20
07012 Palma de Mallorca
Tel (+34) 971 679 017